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The Perfect Mother Blog is a good-humored approach to motherhood, starting from the models of perfection reinforced by the Media and the Web.

This is a version from the “Mãe perfeita” blog, originally in Portuguese. The texts are the result of a project that began in my English classes in 2011 and has been under continuous development. It’s a kind of “lab” to try, practice and exercise a new language to me, with free translations, free interpretations, all on an amazing theme, also under permanent evolution: momhood.

 The posts are organized under the following categories:

  • Analysis – description of the object (an ad, a report, etc) and its highlights. Here, the object talks for itself. The purpose is not to find what is behind the material, but to evidence and demonstrate what is already explicit and where the gaps (“non-saids”) are.
  • Marusia speaks – Comments about the object and its analysis, always under a personal perspective, with my experiences.
  • Books – pieces of those fantastic books which give us immense satisfaction, because they confirm our thoughts, and make us (a little) jealous because they weren’t written by us. The citations give foundation to my work.
  • Phrases – reflection and synthesis of what everybody feels. And precious tips for “unstressing”.
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