It was so cute when they… yet I miss…

It was so cute when they…

… yet I miss…

… started grabbing their little pillows, saying good night and going to bed by themselves… … seeing them with “combed” squeezed eyes until sleeping in my arms.
… learned how to take a bath by themselves… …wrapping them with a towel, all perfumed and fresh.
… learned how to read… … when they would invent the stories only by looking the images.
… started to wake up and play, waiting for us to get up… … when they would go tiptoeing to call us in our bedroom.
… were promoted to the advanced swimming class… … when they did the baby swimming class and we would go with them in the pool.
… started using the first little underclothes… … (A LOT!!!) the diapers when they sprinkle the whole bathroom except the toilet (boys), or when we are out and they ask to poop, and the public WC is the dreaded mess of the eeew of the yuck.

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2 thoughts on “It was so cute when they… yet I miss…

  1. What a lovely chart! Did you make this? It’s great. 🙂 I am especially touched by the line about stories — and how kids who can’t read yet will make up the story just by taking cues from the pictures. My kids do this all the time! I never realized — though this might sound silly — that they won’t do this when they learn to read. Now I want them to “read” me the bedtime stories tonight, just to savor in this special time.

    • Melissa,
      now, reading your comment, I realize something I didn’t when I wrote this post: the “accomplishments” in the left column are permanent and throughout, whereas the right column brings phases in childhood that go away very fast… We must be aware of them to enjoy every little moment…

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