The origami angel

origami angel inside a plastic case

Do you know about those bad-hair days? I remember once upon a time… I got some health problems; things were annoying at work; and, to get it worse, I was felling a cramp strong enough to make one bend down. In moments like those, we aren’t so tolerant. The only thing I really wanted was: “may the day end fast.”

Noon, everybody seated to have lunch. Then my daughter, at that time 4 years old, found my hand. I felt a little impatience: “oh, my, I’m not in the mood for anything, not even for these child needs…” In my mind, everything and everybody were demanding from me in a moment when I couldn’t give anything at all… albeit I took out the rest of courage from the deep bottom of me, and reciprocated, holding her little hand. And I could observe that she, all the time, kept looking at her plate, eating normally; she was only taking my hand tightly.

I breathed deeply, closed my eyes and started feeling a special energy invading my body. As a empty bike tire being filled by air, I felt recovering, reinvigorating. I realized that the contact with that soft, warm small hand brought an immense physic and mental well-being to me.

Aside from the instantaneous relief for my stress, I felt ashamed to have thought, in the beginning, she had been demanding attention unnecessarily. Actually, she hadn’t been asking anything; plus, she shared her energy with me. Some people attribute this kind of gesture to one of typical features of the “indigo children”. About them I don’t know much. They can help other people, even not knowing how or why to do it, they just do it, instinctively. Exactly as she did, not realizing anything.

Recently, my daughter gave me another spontaneous and wonderful gift. She was organizing her drawings in a paper case, when she found an origami angel, made at school one year before. Out of nowhere, she left the angel on my bed table. When I saw it, I asked her why she had taken out the little angel from the case. I asked her to keep it, because the angel could get dirty or spoiled if it were exposed.

Later, I noticed the angel remained on the bed table, but now it was in a small, transparent plastic case. It was, she looked for something in order to protect it, but she made a point of leaving it beside my bed. I got very intrigued, and fortunately I managed to decipher the subtle language behind all of these things.

For a year, I was suffering from disconcerting nightmares. The matter is: I couldn’t ever remember the details, only they were very real and tense. I’m very attached to dreams, having already done a lot of researches on the theme, and that lack of definition was driving me worried. Thus, that paper angel reminded of me the importance of trusting in a superior Truth, in the sureness of a permanent care, as long as we connect to it.

I have been concentrated on these thoughts before sleeping, and my sleep has been getting calmer day by day. Of course my daughter couldn’t know anything about it. She wasn’t aware of what she did. She just did. I thank God a lot for having given me an angel in flesh and bone, with my other two angels and all the equally angelical presences He has been putting in my way.

origami angel


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