A short and bald guy

a short and bald guy

(Você nunca imaginou que o grande amor da sua vida seria alguém baixinho e careca)

“You had never imagined that the greatest love of your life would be a short and bald guy

“You had always liked tall and dark-haired guys, until the day when you fell in love with one of them and got married. But, when your son was born, a new feeling came over you. And, nowadays, however much you love your husband, now a new little guy makes you sigh. Having a son changes everything.


(Claudia Magazine, Brazil, May 2004)

 The Analysis

The ad intends to be funny, associating a son’s arrival with the standards of masculine handsomeness that are already disseminated in the society. It doesn’t “invent” or “propose” these standards. It evocates them, gives them emphasis and solidifies them in the text. It can be seen below:

Short and bald men aren’t part of the imaginary of “the greatest love of your life”. Tall and dark-haired guys are.

The second point is more sensitive and refers to the place of the husband and father in the family. Pregnancy leads mother and son to an earlier attunement. The postpartum period is also a time when the mother-baby pair seems to be a unique person. It naturally creates an unbalance in the former couple structure. The man, as a husband, no matter how he is still “loved”, is no longer “the greatest love” of his wife’s life. And, as a father, he tries to be included in the family. Mostly, he doesn’t have any reference for that, because the fading family model hadn’t considered a father’s presence as they do nowadays.

It’s not in vain that the father figure is absent in the ad. There is a change in the woman’s interest after her son’s birth: “a son changes everything”. It cannot be denied and is also necessary. But it must be understood in its whole extension and be treated with kindness, in order to include – and not to exclude – the man, in the process.


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7 thoughts on “A short and bald guy

  1. i think they should have left out the “tall dark haired guy” and concentrated on falling in love with bald and chubby… just focusing on that fact and nothing else.. too stereotypical, i think. Great post, Maruis. I hope you are doing well.

    • Yes, Aparna… they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to joke, but they missed a big opportunity to talk about love… what a pity!
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. I like your interpretation of that commercial. I’ve seen it, but never really thought much of it. You make a lot of good points about the superficiality of beauty, and the role of the father in modern society.

    I think at a time in history when fathers are more active than ever with their young children — the mainstream media is slow to catch up. This line was beautiful, “Pregnancy leads mother and son to an earlier attunement.” So true. And we do need to celebrate the father child bond more. After all, it’s one of the two most important bonds for a child!

    • Yes! Instead of the replacement of the woman’s “greatest love”, we can experience a true “win-win” situation… Baby wins, mom wins, dad wins, and so does society!

  3. The implication seems to be that the mother and child are related by blood, but husband and wife aren’t. It’s too bad they couldn’t make room for the baby without pushing the father out of the picture.

    Thanks for posting this, Marusia.

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