Because we are mammals

"Because we are mammals".

In 1996, the Brazilian company Parmalat, that sells dairy products, launched an adorable advertising campaign with children dressed like little animals. The slogan was: “Because we are mammals”.

The advertising power drove Parmalat to the top, as never reached before. The campaign was succeeded by a promotion to give away plush mammals and that made history in the marketing world. Everything was supported by the images of these very cute small children.

Plush mammals of the Parmalat's promotion

Ten years later, Parmalat promoted another campaign, with the same children, in order to tell us how much they had grown up since then.

The mammals grew up!!

The campaign slogan intrigues. Well, mammals nurse, they don’t drink milk from a package.

A question is opened: if this advertising appeal was so irresistible, would the same ads, with the same kids, but announcing breastfeeding, result in the same effect?


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