The wisdom that can only be acquired at 2 years old

Free translation of the chronicle published on October 11th 2009, in “Revista do Correio” magazine, Brazil, written by Maria Paula

A few months ago, I received a text written by Rodrigo Leão, a dear friend who was a VJ on MTV with me. Nowadays, he’s an advertising professional, a writer and a father! As soon as I read it, I thought of offering this space in order to publish it on Children’s Day [celebrated on October 12th in Brazil], as a homage to the kids that exist inside of me and inside of you!

Here’s the text:

A very crazy guy lives in my house with me and my wife. He’s 2 years old and keeps saying to everybody that he is my son. He’s always happy. Pretty happy. So much happy that I decided to adopt his habits and behaviors. I have prepared a list with the things I intend to follow with discipline and rigor in order to be much happier:

  1. Whenever possible, run naked all around the house shouting: I’m naked! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
  2. Never lose the chance of giving a little kiss or a hug to anybody who might be moping around.
  3. Don’t be afraid of starting a conversation with an interesting person. Point to the sky and say: “Look! A big plane!” Continue talking naturally.
  4. Take a nap after lunch wherever you are (note: except when you are driving).
  5. Draw with your finger on the bathroom box, covered by the steam. After the conclusion of each drawing, or even just leaving the mark of your hand, say: Yaaaaaaaaay!
  6. Do somersaults. At least, three a week. Say: “ Yaaaaaaay!” after each revolution.
  7. Bounce on the bed. But not near the edge. Say repeatedly: “Yaaay! Yaaaaaay – Yaaaaaaaaay!”
  8. Lie through your teeth a lot. But never for your own cause.
  9. Invite everybody for everything: “Let’s lay down on the floor, guys?” “Let’s drink fruit juice, guys?” “Let’s sleep, guys?”
  10. Wake up very early and scream continuously, from the top of your lungs. Stop only when somebody comes to hug you.
  11. Be afraid of your food.
  12. Believe in alternative versions of things. For example: that a thunder can perfectly be a giant flying elephant breaking wind.
  13. Always say “Thanks” and “Please”, even out of context.
  14. Use the internet to make a videoconference with your grandparents, and during that, dance, run, do somersaults and identify interesting parts of your body, like the nose and the butt.
  15. Show your foot to the guests. Look at the extremity with attention and full of curiosity and comment: “Look… the foot.” After a few seconds of respectful silence, suggest a guest to show his or her foot to you.
  16. Invite your mother to go sightseeing when she is least expecting.
  17. Find hidden shapes in things: a toast looks like a heart, a folded napkin looks like a duck or a glove looks like a horse. Say “Yaaaaaaay!” every time it happens.
  18. When you do something funny that everybody likes, repeat it.
  19. Cry fast, and forget the reason why you cried even faster.
  20. Be proud of things that you can do by yourself, but never be ashamed of asking somebody you love for help.


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