Perfect Mother?

If you, sometime, have already tried to fit (without success) in the perfect mother examples of the media (as I have), you’re welcome to our blog! “The perfect mother” is a non-pretentious version in English from the “Mãe perfeita” blog, originally in Portuguese, written by a Brazilian non-perfect, still learning mother and a non-perfect, still learning student of English.

It’s an open space to share our experiences (it includes the suggestions to improve my text and language), have fun, “unstress” and find that the only recipe to be a mom is: there are no recipes (all statements to the contrary are immediately revoked).

2 thoughts on “Perfect Mother?

  1. I like how you reversed the “r” in your header picture, Marusia! And I wish I knew Brazilian Portuguese. My sister’s husband is from Brazil, and he and his family all speak the language. So she knows quite a lot! I am very proud of her, actually, when I hear her speaking with his family. I have tried over the years to pick up a few phrases, but that’s about it. Someday! Beijo — Melissa

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